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National Advocacy Groups

Here are a list of national groups to assist you with advocacy, your rights as a disabled individual and general blindness resources. They are also great sources of camaraderie, fellowship and should you choose, political causes. You can also find scholarship information, potential employment opportunities and volunteer opportunities within the organizations themselves. If you would like to add to my list, please fill in the form below

NamePhysical LocationContact Information
National Federation of the Blind200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
Phone 410-659-9314
American Foundation for the Blind1401 S. Clark St., Ste. 730
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 212-502-7600 Toll-free: 800-232-5463
American Council of the Blind1703 N Beauregard St, Suite 420
Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone: 202-467-5081 Toll Free: 800-424-8666
Lions Club International300 West 22nd Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842
Phone: 630-571-5466
Club locator


Below are some resources I’ve collected over the years. If you would like to add to my list, please fill in the form above.

NameResources Offered
Click to VisitSoftware offered: Jaws, ZoomText, Fusion and OpenBook.
Services offered: Accessibility testing, accessibility consulting and disability etiquette training.
Click to VisitVisual assistance for your daily needs, be they work or pleasure.

Screen reader accessible apps or programs

Below are quite a bit more than a few accessible programs. These are primarily tested with Jaws. If you would like to add to my list, please fill in the form near the top of the page.

Name and URLComments and Cost
World Clock - Microsoft store appUseful when you wish to know what time it is anywhere in the world. This app is FREE.
KNFB Reader - Microsoft store appA very good E-Reader. This app is FREE.
Word - All VersionsA great place to scribble your thoughts. This app is PAID.
JarteThis app has FREE and PAID versions.
Excel - All VersionsAll those numbers need to be kept track of somewhere, a spreadsheet is a great place to do that! This app is PAID.
Wordpad - included with windowsAnother place to scribble your thoughts, without all the fancy bells and whistles of Word. This app is FREE.
Notepad - included with windowsYet another place to scribble your thoughts, without all the fancy bells and whistles of Word. This app is FREE.
Microsoft Outlook - All VersionsSo many emails, so little time! Use this to keep track of all of your email accounts. This app is PAID.
Windows Mail - included with windowsSome find this interface easier to use than Outlook for email. This app is FREE.
ThunderbirdAn alternative to Outlook with great functionality. This app is FREE.
TW Blue Twitter ClientOh! You mean I can tweet again? Tweet.. tweet... tweet! This app is FREE, it also has more features available with a DONATION.
Microsoft People - included with windowsPeople in Windows 10 puts all the ways you connect with all your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances in one place, so itÂ’s faster than ever to keep in touch. Check out what your people are up to across the services they use and choose how you want to connect with them. This app is FREE.
Outlook Addressbook ViewAllows more reliable and easier viewing and saving of contacts. This app is FREE.
DropboxShare files and folders with a decent but limited amount of space before you have to upgrade. This app has FREE and PAID versions.
OneDriveAnother way to share files and folders with a decent but limited amount of space before you have to upgrade.
SendSpace WizardThis app enables you to upload huge amounts of data from the comfort of your desktop, the software allows you to manage the uploaded data as well.This app has FREE and PAID versions.
Open Drive Desktop clientThis app offers quick access to your OpenDrive account, from right inside your pocket, at any time. This app allows you to transfer files to and from your device, store files for offline use, stream audio and video files and collaborate on business documents while on the go.This app has FREE and PAID versions.
iCloud (transfer to iPhone/iPad)A great way to move files from your phone or iPad around. This app has FREE and PAID versions.
Cisco JabberA great chat client for personal or business conversations. This app is PAID.
Cisco Jabber SoftphoneMade accessible with scripts found on website. This app is PAID.
Oracle Enterprise SuiteA Development platform useful for small businesses.This app is PAID.
RSS Reader - (Webbie Accessibility Suite)Provides you with the latest news and items from your favourite online newspapers and websites in a simple, accessible format. No more trudging through big websites with hundreds of links. Go straight to the stories that want. This app is FREE.
QCastvThis app is PAID
Podcast downloader (Webbie Accessibility Suite)Listen to podcasts, online audio radio and internet shows, and download them for later listening. This app is FREE.
7-zipUse this to zip or unzip files and folders. This app is FREE.
DirZipUseful for creating separate zips of several folders in a directory. This app is FREE.
SyncBackA good back up utility. This app has FREE and PAID versions.
Explorer ++A fast alternative to File Explorer. This app is FREE.
Master SeekerA fast file finder. This app is FREE.
Bulk Rename UtilityRename multiple files. This app is FREE.
Copy PathWith this app you can copy the file path to clipboard from the application menu. This app is FREE.
Copy File NameThis app allows you to copy multiple filenames from selected files to clipboard via the application key. This app is FREE.
Abby FineReaderThis app is PAID.
Kurzwell V14This app is PAID.
Open BookThis app is PAID.
AudacityThis app is FREE.
GoldWaveThis app has FREE and PAID versions
Format FactoryUseful for converting files. This app is FREE.
Switch File Conversion.This app is PAID.
FreeM4B to Mp3 converterYou'll need to use Jaws cursor to make effective use of the app. This app is FREE.
Ponte's Media Downloader (Youtube downloader)This app is FREE.
Virtual RecorderWith this app you can record output from your sound card! This app is FREE.
Mp3DirectCutThis app is FREE.
Mp3GainThis app is FREE.
Mp3TagThis app is FREE.
CDex 1.71You can rip CD's with this app. This app is FREE.
CD Burner XPYou can burn CD's with this app. This app is FREE.
DVD Audio ExtractorThis app is PAID.
FSReaderThis app is included with Jaws. This app is FREE.
HumanWare CompanionThis app is for Victor Reader devices. This app is FREE.
Daisy Book GeneratorThis app is FREE.
Audible Manager and downloaderThis makes the list, but bearely as it is Now buggy as not updated and you need to install Windows 7/8 Versions. This app is FREE.
Inaudible Audible book ConverterThis app is FREE.
OverDrive for WindowsThis app is FREE.
Plextext transferThis app is for use with Pllextalk Daisy Readers. This app is FREE.
Kindle PC app all versionsThis app is FREE.
QReadThis app is FREE.
BalabolkaThis is a TTS (text to speech) eBook reader. This app is FREE.
BookwormThis app is FREE.
SpeakOn Meida SuiteThis app is FREE.
Codex eBook ConverterThis app is FREE.
TextAloud 3This app creates TTS Audio Books from eBooks. This app is PAID.
VLCThis app is FREE.
WinAmpThis app is FREE.
Windows Media PlayerThis app is FREE.
iTunesTo use this app you must have column browser enabled if you're using a screen reader. This app is FREE.
Lists all the available BBC television programmes available through iPlayer, and lets you start them easily with one keypress.
BBC iPlayer Radio (Webbie Accessibility Suite)This application lets you play BBC Radio programmes from the last seven days that they make available through the iPlayer website. It's designed to be very simple to use for screenreader users: you can select and start a program easily. This app is FREE
Tapin RadioThis app has FREE and PAID versions
SpotifyThis app has FREE and PAID versions
EloquenceThis app is FREE.
Ivona VoicesThis app is FREE.
Belarc Advisor (Diagnostics)This app is FREE.
UncheckiThis app stops Adware and Malware by unchecking boxes in installs. This app is FREE.
Clock2 (Webbie Accessibility Suite)This app is a clock announcement, reminder and alarm. This app is FREE.
CloseAllThis app closes all windows and applications running. This app is FREE.
TeamViewerThis is a remote screen sharing app. This app is FREE.
Sharp KeysThis app will allow you to remap your keyboard. This app is FREE.
IrfanviewThis app is image viewing and editing software. This app is FREE.
Google ChromeThis app is an internet browser. This app is FREE.
BraveThis app is an internet browser. This app is FREE.
FirefoxThis app is an internet browser. This app is FREE.
WaterfoxThis app is an internet browser. This app is FREE.
Internet Explorer - included with windowsThis app is an internet browser. This app is FREE.
Edge - included with windows
This app is an internet browser. This app is FREE.