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So much pizza, so little time!
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Brianna is a smiling young woman making pizza in a kitchen with two other ladies. She is wearing a yellow hat, blue shirt, and a black apron, and is putting cheese on a personal pan pizza for Roger.
Roger enjoying a personal pizza. He is wearing a black shirt with crossed white drumsticks on it, and sitting in a plaid upholstered booth at Angelo's.

Yes, I admit it, I do enjoy a good pizza with many toppings. I have been to probably 140 various pizza places in the state of Maine. I do travel extensively, both for my work as a Computer Access Specialist and playing drums in the band that I am currently involved with. Providing some sort of Audio Engineering service for a special function is also a good excuse to stop off, and get a nice piping hot and loaded pizza, before the show or event.

Some of my favorite toppings include:

  1. Green Peppers,
  2. Onions,
  3. Mushrooms,
  4. Tomatoes,
  5. Pepperoni,
  6. Meatballs,
  7. Hot Italian Sausage!

I have been known to travel hundreds of miles, just to partake in what folks in a designated specific area refer to as: “the best darn pizza” in these here parts.

I will most likely report on several of those places, and provide links to them, in a future update. In my non-medical experience, pizza or at least my kind of pizza, does meet and possibly exceed all of the four major food groups.

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Unscientific Results!

OK, well, after giving it much thought; about forty-two seconds or so, I have decided to try to list my top ten favorite pizza places in Maine. This is kind of difficult, as they are all quite good but, here is where we attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff…

We also have an honorable mention Portland Pie Company in Portland Maine.

  1. Lisbon House of Pizza – (Lisbon, Maine),
  2. George’s Pizza – (Auburn, Maine),
  3. Amato’s Pizza – (Brunswick, Maine),
  4. Pizza Market – (Auburn, Maine),
  5. Sam’s Italian Sandwich Shop
    (Lewiston, Maine),
  6. Romeo’s Pizza – (Yarmouth, Maine),
  7. Ricetta’s Ristorante – (Falmouth, Maine),
  8. Greco’s Pizzeria – (Lewiston, Maine),
  9. Pat’s Pizza – (Auburn, Maine),
  10. and in my opinion, and I guess that’s just exactly what it is, as I am the one who has killed or seriously injured a whole bunch of electrons by having written this site; the best pizza in Maine is made by:

  11. the fine folks over at Angelo’s Pizzeria!!! – (Lisbon/Lewiston, Maine)

The female staff of Angelo's Pizzeria stand in a line behind the counter, smiling at the camera. The first woman has short brown hair and wears a red polo and white apron. The second, Brianna, is wearing a yellow hat, blue polo, and black apron. The third has her hair pulled back and is wearing a blue polo and black apron. The fourth is wearing a yellow hat, red polo, and black apron. And the fifth and final woman has curly brown hair and is wearing a red polo and white apron.

It was sure a fun exercise trying to come up with a fair list. There are so many good pizza places in Maine, that it was very tough to decide… If you might like to visit any of these above mentioned pizza places, and perhaps actually go so far as to invite me along, Send up a message

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I wish you a truly blessed day!