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Welcome to my little space on The Web. Here, I will try my best to let folks know what
Seeing Hands Enterprises is, what
Studio “C” is, and write a little bit about my musical pursuits, such as playing drums for two different Contemporary Christian music bands,
New Wine and
The Blacksmiths!!

I also perform sound reinforcement duties for area churches and other musical entities. I have been playing drums for thirty-six of my forty-six years of being placed on this earth, and hope to be
still ‘rockin’ for many more years. I have been an Audio Engineer for the past twenty-six years, and very much enjoy making mixes really come to life with all of this new digital technology that is out there before us.

Roger bashing the living daylights out of a set of drums.


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Roger standing near NFB modified dune buggy.

I am also an enthusiastic member and State of Maine Vice President of the
National Federation of the Blind.
If anyone is interested in the many positive developments that are happening with people with vision impairments, please take time to explore the NFB. If you would enjoy reading about what awesome things are happening in the State of Maine, in terms of what is going on in the Maine chapter of the NFB, please visit
the National Federation of the Blind of Maine’s page!

Roger Cusson, as part of a last-minute band, Dangerous Business, plays Old Time Rock And Roll at National Federation of the Blind of Maine’s 2012 State Convention.

Sleeping, heck no!

On most Sundays, you can usually find me hanging out at
Grace Community Church, either banging on those drums or twisting volume knobs, to make some good sound happen!

Getting in contact!

If you are ever wishing to obtain either some

  • high-quality computer training and support services,
  • crank out a way-cool music recording project in the studio,
  • or needing some very tasteful drum/percussion options for a recording project or live performance,

then I would truly enjoy hearing from you.

LHS Class of ’85 Reunion. Roger stealing the show with a knock out punch! The crowd goes wild!

Why not send up a message?

For many years now, I have really wanted to put up a page about some of the things that I am currently involved in. I have made several small web pages about various parts of my life, however, until I had recently enrolled in a rather excellent HTML5 web page creation class, taught by
the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired, I never thought that my words for The Life and Times of Roger Cusson would ever fully make it out to anyone on
“The Web!”

Thank you so much for stopping by, and visiting. I sincerely hope that you have a very blessed day, and that life is serving up some fantastic pizza for you. More
about my love of pizza, in the next section… You can also skip directly to my
unscientific results page.

Finally, if you should happen to have a free moment, please consider signing my Guestbook. I would be very interested in what you have to say…
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